Utepo Switches

29th November 2018

UTEPO, the new name with cost effective but Powerful CCTV switching, with a full product range to complement each installation type.

The range includes but not limited to, 4 port PoE up to 24 Port PoE+ with multiple options like SFP interfacing to include your Fibre network, CCTV mode – 250m PoE extend with VLAN port separation feature. They also include web interface, L3 switching with 10G Switch Fabric and even POE 60 watt injection for those like PTZ.

Installing in a rugged environment or external location? Then we have industrial switch units to keep those demanding installs smoothly running to deliver when most needed! If you need it, we have it or can get it.


22nd November 2018

Ever wanted the ability to remote view a CCTV system and not have the burden of the on-going line rental? To have the flexibility to increase and decrease the running costs as the job demands?

Then look no further, CSL the leading name in 3G/4G security communications have just the answer. With a simple to install unit that allows placement in the smallest of areas, with low power consumption and accessories like external high gain aerials.

With Industry leading technology to find and maintain the best signal possible allowing extremely high up times and reliability. CSL uses the latest AnyConnect method by Cisco, making the data secure by nature and allows you to connect to the devices and act like you’re on site with them, ideal for updates and tweaks. It can also be used as an end to end encryption techniques as well as a broadband backup device.



15th November 2018

Ever wanted fire detection technology inside a CCTV camera but always thought this wasn’t possible? Think again, after many years of testing and development the wonderful team at Ciqurix have fine-tuned this solution.

Not only do you get reliable Fire detection, you also get a day/night CCTV image covering the same field of view. This allows the camera to be added to a Hikvision Device (as well as others) and send the alarm via multiple methods. Ranging from push notifications, email, on screen alarms and even connecting into the alarm system to provide off premise alerts.

This allows an operator to quickly see and identify multiple fire locations on screen and to accurate report this to the relevant authorities. They can detect multiple fire locations and handle multiple cameras across the estate within seconds. Ciqurix have multiple options available from internal, external and even ATEX rated devices.



8th November 2018

Optex is one of the most prestigious names within the External Detection industry. Over many years and highly technical workforce they have fine-tuned there product to become one of the best in the business. With their external range of SIP Redwall detectors, you can now get extremely reliable and precise detection externally to help detect the unwanted.

With many detections patterns available from short range & wide angle, to long range (100mtrs) and narrow angle for perimeter breach protection, Optex has a product to suit all applications. With highly stable electronics helping to reduce false alarm, from the built in Creep zone (on certain models) and even the ability to have the relay outputs separated for near, far and creep zone triggers, makes this product highly versatile.

We can even now have the ability to power some models with POE & allow direct integration over the network with an I series Hik NVR and correct Firmware. Optex – Operation Excellence! (PS – we do recommend the setup kit for Red wall detection)

DS-2CD23X3G0-I DS-2CD23X3G0-I-2.8MM

Hikvision G0 23 Turret Series

1st November 2018

The new G0 23 turret series has been released to provide a cost effective alternative to the G1 23 series Turret.

Customer’s must consider the install and decide what functionality is crucial before opting for this range.

The G0 doesn’t have Darkfighter Lite technology, whereas the G1 2/3/4MP does. Obviously this function isn’t always required or needed. The budget G0 range still boasts all of the other functions you would expect, i.e; H.265/H.265+, WDR, VCA functions, SD card, etc, which makes the G0 range a very powerful platform, especially when budget is a consideration.

Try it you won’t be disappointed.


Hikvision Wireless Elevator Bridge

25th October 2018

Ever wanted to put CCTV into a Lift Cab? Not got any cabling in place? That’s ok! With Hikvision’s latest WiFi link specifically designed to be installed into the lift shaft area, this won’t be an issue.

Simply take the one unit and install this onto the lift car roof, looking up or down into the lift shaft itself. The receiver unit is then installed into the lift shaft in direct line of sight of the cab transmitter unit. You can choose to power these units with either POE or 12VDC, making them very flexible.

Always take a laptop to site with you as the setup is done via a very simple and intuitive web interface taking minutes to complete. The units will then pair and start to communicate allowing anything you have connected across these bridges to talk. This could be IP cameras, communication equipment, safety devices etc.

The units are packed with technology to keep the links stable in this environment, such as Auto ACK timing, unique antenna intelligent rate control and so on. They are also high temperature rated and made from a flame resistant housing making them ideal for harsh environment installation.

Further details can be found on the spec sheet by clicking on the ‘further details’ button. I have included a simple drawing to show typical installation scenario which also links to download the manual.

DS-3WF01C-2N Manual

DS-3WF01C-2N Manual