This New 21 Series Dome from Hikvision, brings together the very best of various technologies to exist inside 1 product. Powered by Dark Fighter technology gives an industry leading image performance in low light conditions. Combined with internal Microphone, where audio recording is a consideration with IK10 and IP67 rating thrown in. Couple this with AcuSense analytical detection, we then start to fine tune what we are detecting based on human & vehicle detection, which in turn will focus the user to events that matter.

New Turbo HD ColorVu POC Range


With the move in the market towards ColorVu technology to provide best in class imagery, Hikvision have developed this technology by adding the POC (power of coax function) to allow the installer to fit this into existing legacy systems. To save time, cost and labour to power this from the POC DVR, with adding an option for a vari-focal lens model to really enhance the offering.

New AXPRO Intruder Detection

Now available

Completely driven from your app, on demand, and with a wide range of products, the AX PRO wireless intruder alarm system delivers video on-board, with our revolutionary and proven wireless protocol for knock out stability.

Youtube Video: https://youtu.be/i3M-vEiyXUQ

Product Brochure: https://specsheets.dvs.co.uk/AXPRO-Brochure.pdf


DVS Branded Crmp Tool

Crimp like a Pimp with your DVS Branded RJ45 Crimping tool!

Want a free one? Tag DVS in an install pic on social media and let your sales rep know so they can pop one in your next order!

Crimps CAT5e/CAT6/CAT7 & RJ11.



The Hikvision DS-2CD2047G1-L is a 4MP Fixed Mini Bullet Camera featured in the Easy IP 4.0 ColorVu range. The ColorVu technology has been developed to offer 24/7 full colour imaging day and night. With efficient H.265+ compression technology and clear imaging against strong back light due to 120 dB WDR technology.

Just checking people are paying attention – The first person to email marketing@dvs.co.uk with recommendations on how we could improve our DVS website will receive a free #PIMPMYCRIMP tool (UK only).


MinMoe DS-K1T671TM-3XF

Introducing MinMoe! Combining Temperature Screening Technology and Access Control, you can now monitor your entrances with Hikvision’s TOUCH-FREE MinMoe Terminal! THINK SMART. THINK HIKVISION.

WEC Hand Sanitiser Dispenser


WEC Stainless Steel Foot Operated Hand Sanitiser Dispenser. As part of our ongoing battle against COVID-19, WEC have developed a new range of hand sanitiser dispensers which will play a key role in the next phase of the current pandemic as employers ramp up their efforts to make their workplace safer for staff and visitors.

The dispensers have an easy screw top system to change / replace the gel. No maintenance is required, simply add the anti-bacterial gel and you’re good to go! (5L hand sanitiser refill bottle are in-stock and sold separately)





The new Multi range of power supplies are rewriting the rule book for multiway CCTV power. The 2 units, now do the job of 6 previous models without losing any of the current range benefits with their unique fuse layout making them the most cost effective, user friendly and flexible power supply on the market.



DVS have launched a new range of POE Powered Monitors from 1080P -4K and with different sizing available as the range continues to grow. This New 22” model is the most popular with HDMI, VGA, BNC in & out and RJ-45 connection to allow for the POE support.

Simply connect to a POE + Source to power and are designed to greatly simplify the installation. Imagine not having to run mains power to a monitor location and the time and cost saving this will provide? The flexibility it can give, and can also be connected to a smart POE switch and use timed schedules on the POE port, so the monitor is only active when required to give a power saving eco friendly solution!



Carrying on with the best selling Turret style on the market, Hikvision have further enhanced the feature set by including a built in mic. 4MP Resolution with either 2.8mm or 4mm lens option, 3 Axis adjustment, H.265+ @25FPS, 120Db WDR, 2 x VCA, SD card compatible, IP67. Making this little beauty a must have for any installation.



LigoDLBac series devices are an ideal solution for capacity demanding applications. State of the art RF design with great output power and sensitivity parameters improve range and capacity over the highest modulation – 256 QAM. The 24V Gigabit Ethernet port (passive PoE) allows utilising the full capacity of the radio when used in a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint network design.




Wi-tek have released this simple yet cost effective 2 radio kit. Simply take it out of the box, set the switch as master on one and slave on the other, fit in Situ and point them at each other (clear line of sight) and they will link!

POE injector included inside the box and it hides a neat trick. If you want to power a POE camera (static) directly from the unit, just follow the instructions included to turn the POE output on and hey presto!. You have POE pass through for the camera or leave it off to link networks together


DS-2CD2T45FWD-I5/B, DS-2CD2143G0-I/B-2.8MM, DS-2CD2045FWD-I/B-2.8MM, DS-2CD2745FWD-IZS/B,DS-2CD2365G1-I/B-2.8MM

Not much to say about this post to be honest, they are available in white and now black. Lets do a riddle instead –

What 8 letter word can have a letter taken away and it still makes a word. Take another letter away and it still makes a word. Keep on doing that until you have one letter left. What is the word? The first person to email marketing@dvs.co.uk with the correct answer will get a cheeky prize.


DS-7216HUHI-K2(S), DS-2CE78H0T-IT3FS-2.8MM & DS-2CE16H0T-ITFS-2.8MM

Audio over coax is the latest offering from Hikvision. With the New line up of cameras with built in microphone and a DVR to back this up, you can now record audio when required directly from the camera over the coax with no additional parts, making for a neater solution.

The DVR’s can support up to 8MP Turbo with 5MP AOC cameras are available now for a mix and match setup and can even add IP at the same time.

Cloud Storage


The new release of the Ivideon bridge allows connection of cameras to the device direct and offers up to 16ch per unit. With greater flexibility, it allows us to use any camera and firmware to talk to the device or even DVR and then becomes the interface to the Ivideon cloud service, where each camera is added and setup as required.

With a whole host of functionality and App support this makes a great addition to any system that wants secure, reliable off-site storage with App support and alarms.


You can’t steal what you can’t see!

The new webeyeFOG is a security fog/smoke system which can trigger upon intrusion. It is a small unit that, within seconds, fills a large room up to 150m3 with dense smoke. It obscures visibility within the protected room and forces intruders to leave.

Not yet on our website! Speak with a member of the DVS sales team for details.



Calipsa filters out over 85% of false alarms, forwarding only true alarms to human operators to review.

Connect to your existing cameras in 30 seconds with zero additional hardware. The platform provides instant access to your alarm dashboard, reporting, and camera management.

How it Works
Calipsa is completely cloud-based so it can be managed from anywhere in the world. Once set up, the process is simple.
1. Alarms are sent from camera to Calipsa cloud servers which filter out alarms caused by non­human or vehicle motion.
2. Calipsa forwards valid alerts to your alarm monitoring software for visual verification by an operator who reviews alarms for threats.
3. Calipsa’s deep learning algorithms learn and evolve with every camera reviewed, becoming more accurate every time.



Brand new from NEON, the 22” Monitor with TVI loop-through support. Not only can you connect a 2MP or 5MP TVI camera as a spot monitor, you can also take the feed back to the DVR for recording purposes. We also give you HDMI & VGA inputs. With the option to either mount on a wall or have it on a desktop, this really is a highly versatile, brilliant bit of technology

Hikvision AcuSense Technology


Hikvision AcuSense Technology provides accurate sensing in security hardware. Empowered by deep learning algorithms, AcuSense technology distinguishes people and vehicles from other moving objects.

On detecting suspect activity an audible warning message will sound (which you can customise) and a flashing light will trigger. These will not only attract the offender, making them look directly at the camera but will also deter them from any further action. We can also send notifications upon activation. This clever box of tricks offers so much versatility while minimising costs and equipment. What will you use it for?

Hikvision’s ANPR DeepinView Solution

DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZS /DS-2CD7A26G0/P-IZS-8-32MM

ANPR analytics allows to detect and recognise vehicle’s license plate and send ANPR info to a Smart NVR or VMS software for access management. You can search and view the matched captured vehicle plate picture and related information according to the plate searching conditions including the start time/end time, country and plate No.

The New DeepinView ANPR cameras adopt the latest and self-developed deep learning algorithm, with large quantity of samples input to ensure the accuracy of detection and classification. With integrated powerful GPU, it allows more efficient object detection and classification.

Hikvision’s Facial Recognition Terminal


The wonderful geek’s at Hikvision have released the new updated Facial Recognition Terminal, DS-K1T607MFW. The unit is smaller in size (size doesn’t matter), can store up to 6000 faces and 5000 fingerprints. It also features Wi-Fi, multi-mode authentication and works with IVMS-4200 & HIK-Central, this unit really does pack a powerful punch.

Jam packed with functions and features, facial recognition access control has never been so neat, powerful and user friendly.

Hikvision’s ColorVu Camera Range


Ever wanted crystal clear colour images day & night!

ColorVu PDF

Download ColorVu PDF

Available in both IP and Turbo HD, Hikvision’s ColourVu uses the latest image processing combined with a built-in white light to enhance the colour of imagery captured at night. This provides both high quality evidential images while also acting as a deterrent.

A would-be intruder could potentially be stopped by the use of the bright white light function. In essence, you’re getting a 2 for 1 bargain, and we know how much this industry loves a bargain!!

For pricing and further information, speak with a member of the DVS sales team. Alternatively, click on the ‘Further Details’ icon.

Watch the video below for a full demonstration of the ColorVu Technology:

Hikvision’s ECO Thermal Range

DS-2TD2617-6/V1 & DS-2TD1217-3/V1

We take a look at the latest Bi-Spectrum Eco Thermal range from Hikvision. 3 new variants include a Bi-spectrum turret & bullet and a dedicated thermal bullet. These cameras have powerful GPU lead processing for short range VCA analytics and even temperature measurement and fire detection for small internal applications like smoking etc. This cost effective line up with Wide lens offerings should really prove helpful when designing systems that need both technologies while offering all of the benefits with a lower cost in mind.

Take a look at this video where we show you how to set the functions up and show them working – model tested was a DS-2TD2617-6/V1 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wou0PaAEBEw

Nexus Wireless Alert

Lockdown & Fire Alert Solution

NEXUS is a battery powered, wireless critical alert system. The units are fully portable, wire free, and can be rapidly deployed for fire alert and lockdown situations.
When one NEXUS Wireless Alert unit is activated, all units within range that are on the same site will also be activated.

The NEXUS system boasts a robust 1km line of sight transmission range between units and a long battery life of up to 3 years, with a maximum of 64 units operating on one site. Each unit acts as a repeater to form an advanced wireless mesh network, allowing for up to 16 mesh hops between units; this gives the NEXUS system a maximum range of up to 16km. Each site requires at least one master unit, which is fitted with a manual reset key. Resetting the master unit will reset the system post-activation, however, the initially triggered unit will continue to flash until it is manually reset. Complies with new EU legislation regarding audio & visual alerts.

Hikvision’s Turbo HD H8T Range

Ultra-low Light Technology

Looking for high quality analogue images in challenging lighting environments? Hikvision’s #Turbo HD #H8T cameras are equipped with ultra-low light technology and 130dB true WDR to provide clear pictures even in dimly lit night-time scenes or when strong backlight creates a contrast challenge for standard cameras.

Hikvision’s TurboX Range


The Hikvision Turbo HD X series of cameras has a built-in detector that captures infrared light emitted by human bodies, distinguishing it from other visual ‘noise’. Once the camera detects a potential intruder, its built-in siren flashes red and blue light and a loud sound with the aim of frightening the intruder away.

The Turbo HD X series can support a broad range of perimeter protection and security system processes for in-process warning, and evidence collection after an event. It enables transformation of the traditional monitoring and post-event investigation approach, and helps to change perimeter protection from passive monitoring to active deterrence in order to protect people and assets.



This great little addition to our comprehensive range will save you time, money and give a very easy upgrade solution, as this little Gem is powered by POE up to 60w.

Imagine having a scenario where you have to add 1 or more IP cameras to a location that already has a camera, but the cabling may be hard, time consuming or just not feasible. Then place this switch in that location, power the existing cable run with a POE switch port or 60w POE injector, and then get 4 POE ports in that location without any additional work.



The brilliant brains over at CAMSAT have been working hard to develop this Rapid Deployment Solution with bolt on options so it can be tailored to the deployment needs.

The base unit has mains PSU and battery built into a chassis, which then bolts onto a quick fix bracket that you simply install all over the area that requires coverage, allowing for quick deployment.

Then add a PTZ Camera or fixed cameras to cover areas of interest, couple this with a SIM card that we can provide and boom!, a fully versatile deployable system that has remote connectivity and deters crime. We can also offer WiFi modules and extended battery packs.








Ever wanted an Intercom you could truly define to your customer’s needs?

Then take a look at the new Hikvision Modular style Intercom that allows you to tailor every aspect of the install. From integrated POE & Camera module, 6 button backlit with name tag, robust number keypad, integrated card reader, blanking plates to fit your own access reader and LCD screen on its way.

Allowing you choose a frame matrix to suit the install and allows up to 8 modules to be supported from a standard POE switch for convenience. Available in 7” & 10” with a new GUI for ease of use with powerful functions with camera and App support, so you will never miss another call again!




Dave has been in the Security Industry since 1996 and began his career as an apprentice, qualifying at the ‘top of the class’. He has since worked in some of the biggest companies all over the UK handling systems ranging from town centre CCTV to MoD and nuclear power plants.

He has gained vast technical knowledge in this industry especially in IP and network systems. He strives to deliver excellent customer service and always ensure that the technical needs of the client are fulfilled.

In his spare time, Dave enjoys spending time with my family and mini zoo, weight lifting, sports and he is also a keen hunter with falconry (yes birds of prey) being his main hobby, alongside going for long walks while holding hands with Jake Britten.




Ezviz have launched their new Floodlight & Camera all-in-one unit, and what a unit it is! This fantastic solution has integrated dual white light LED, 1080P Camera, SD support, 270˚ PIR, active 100Db siren and adjustable motion detection area. We even threw in the option for a monthly cloud based subscription service, built-in mic and IR function. Not only will this notify you of movement, the floodlight will light up the area and trigger a siren to deter unwanted activity. This really does elevate the humble security light.




New update alert! – The DS-2DY5223IW-AE/WL has risen with some neat upgrades.

It now comes with a combined white light and IR solution for up to 150mtrs, with the ability to toggle this with pre-set call, alarm input trigger or VCA trigger. This feature allows the camera to highlight a dark area or warn off unwanted attention. Other new features include bottom cable exit and available in Black.




OPTEX’s WXI series provides an outdoor 180°, 12m radius detection area to protect homes and commercial premises against intrusion. Its two independent left and right detection zones, and two individual alarm outputs make the outdoor PIR ideal to use with both alarm panels and CCTV systems.
The panoramic sensor features all of the smart OPTEX algorithms to make it reliable in hot, cold, sunny, windy, rainy, and dusty environments. The new series is available as wired or battery-operated models, both with or without anti-masking.




Telescopic Mast manufactures steel mobile security boxes with built-in 6 metre Telescopic Masts, which are widely used in construction site security, transport, infrastructure, energy, utilities and perimeter protection applications.




In this weeks edition of InFocus, we take a look at the Hikvision DS-2CD2785FWD-IZS 8MP G1 platform IPC. With UHD resolution and capable of supporting 8MP @20FPS. Other features include H.265 & H.265+, 4 VCA events (line cross, Intrusion Zone, unattended baggage and object removal), audio I/O, alarm I/O, 120Db WDR. With up to 30mtrs IR, this makes a very versatile product with great image performance and high frame rate.


DS-MH2311/32G/GPS/WIFI & DS-MH4172I/2T


Ever wanted CCTV on the move with HD images, capture function and even a laser pointer (who doesn’t right)?

This truly portable body camera solution allows the user to record video and audio on the move and in action. Then, simply take the body camera back to the Docking Station where up to 8 units can be docked, downloaded, charged and wiped ready to go back out, while the data is safely stored in the NVR for evidence.




We have a new product in, it’s a 12VDC UPS Plug. This would generally be used to power a 12VDC Camera(s), so that in the event of a power failure it will run the product for a period of time allowing the system to continue to work.

For example, if you have them out in the field and a UPS fails the DVR/NVR system will continue to function. Run time will depend on the products connected. We tested it with a Turbo Turret with IR on and it run for over an hour.




The new 4MP Darkfighter Lite is here! Following on from the great success of the 3MP Darkfighter Lite platform, Hikvision have raised the bar yet again by pushing the resolution up to 4MP.

With the same great low light image capabilities and quality, we now have a sharper image to make the details even more effective. We still have the same powerful functionality like VCA and image adjustments with H.265+ algorithm. Available in Dome, Turret, Bullet and Mini Dome. Available in standard white and graphite.

DS-2CD6W32FWD-IVS –Corner



DS-2CD6W32FWD-IVS –Corner – Is a truly unique design to the Hikvision Range, allowing the corner installation to increase coverage and reduce blind spot areas. The lens configuration is set to provide in most cases entire room coverage and used in areas where it’s critical to get the coverage i.e. holding areas, interview rooms, high value stock rooms etc.

Even to spy on your pets that wish to look at your canine relaxing at home (picture ‘The Secret Life of Pets’). With Integrated IR, Mic, speaker, alarm I/O, IP66 and IK10 ratings, it provides a powerful solution to a demanding market place.




The Wigand ANPR camera from Hikvision has been integrated into the Paxton Access control system. This unique function allows you to take the Wigand output directly from the Camera and wire into the ACU Reader input. This allows you to then manage ANPR lists on the Paxton unit.

It provides a simple, reliable interface for Carpark management or Vehicle awareness situations. The ANPR camera can operate in day & night with the benefit of Integrated IR and being an IP camera can be added to an NVR for additional security recording if required.

It carries the same great functionality as the standard Hik ANPR Camera with web interface, real time LRP results and configuration, with multiple countries supported. Powered by POE or 12VDC giving great flexibility and available in 2.8-12mm or 8-32mm.




The new DS-2XE6126FWD-HS ATEX PT IP 2MP camera made from 316L Stainless steel and carries an IP68 rating. Able to powered from POE or 12VDC it gives great flexibility where a pan and tilt model is required for hazardous area fitment. This gives the operator a fit and forget option where the view can be adjusted as required with a fixed lens. It also has on-board VCA analytics, Audio I/O, Alarm I/O and CVBS output.




With an ever increasing demand for an NVR to cover more than 16 POE cameras, we have just bought in the new 24 port POE 77- I Series NVR. Including all the great functions that are required from such a demanding unit, like dual HDMI outputs, 24 port PoE, 16 alarm inputs, VGA & CVBS outputs, Esata, plus 12MP support and GUI 4.

Bringing the latest hardware tech and cutting edge VMS like GUI interface, this truly is one of the go to devices of today’s demanding installations.




Welcome to the new era, where one product DOES fit all solutions. Whether you have a legacy system and want straight analogue, fitting to a HIK system under TVI, or 3rd party CVI /AHD then we have you covered.

With the latest 4 in 1 chipset with easy selection switch to change the output, control couldn’t be any easier. With many of the standard functions you have come to enjoy, we offer many styles, variants and resolutions, so we should have just the product to fit your needs.

Utepo Switches


UTEPO, the new name with cost effective but Powerful CCTV switching, with a full product range to complement each installation type.

The range includes but not limited to, 4 port PoE up to 24 Port PoE+ with multiple options like SFP interfacing to include your Fibre network, CCTV mode – 250m PoE extend with VLAN port separation feature. They also include web interface, L3 switching with 10G Switch Fabric and even POE 60 watt injection for those like PTZ.

Installing in a rugged environment or external location? Then we have industrial switch units to keep those demanding installs smoothly running to deliver when most needed! If you need it, we have it or can get it.



Ever wanted the ability to remote view a CCTV system and not have the burden of the on-going line rental? To have the flexibility to increase and decrease the running costs as the job demands?

Then look no further, CSL the leading name in 3G/4G security communications have just the answer. With a simple to install unit that allows placement in the smallest of areas, with low power consumption and accessories like external high gain aerials.

With Industry leading technology to find and maintain the best signal possible allowing extremely high up times and reliability. CSL uses the latest AnyConnect method by Cisco, making the data secure by nature and allows you to connect to the devices and act like you’re on site with them, ideal for updates and tweaks. It can also be used as an end to end encryption techniques as well as a broadband backup device.




Ever wanted fire detection technology inside a CCTV camera but always thought this wasn’t possible? Think again, after many years of testing and development the wonderful team at Ciqurix have fine-tuned this solution.

Not only do you get reliable Fire detection, you also get a day/night CCTV image covering the same field of view. This allows the camera to be added to a Hikvision Device (as well as others) and send the alarm via multiple methods. Ranging from push notifications, email, on screen alarms and even connecting into the alarm system to provide off premise alerts.

This allows an operator to quickly see and identify multiple fire locations on screen and to accurate report this to the relevant authorities. They can detect multiple fire locations and handle multiple cameras across the estate within seconds. Ciqurix have multiple options available from internal, external and even ATEX rated devices.




Optex is one of the most prestigious names within the External Detection industry. Over many years and highly technical workforce they have fine-tuned there product to become one of the best in the business. With their external range of SIP Redwall detectors, you can now get extremely reliable and precise detection externally to help detect the unwanted.

With many detections patterns available from short range & wide angle, to long range (100mtrs) and narrow angle for perimeter breach protection, Optex has a product to suit all applications. With highly stable electronics helping to reduce false alarm, from the built in Creep zone (on certain models) and even the ability to have the relay outputs separated for near, far and creep zone triggers, makes this product highly versatile.

We can even now have the ability to power some models with POE & allow direct integration over the network with an I series Hik NVR and correct Firmware. Optex – Operation Excellence! (PS – we do recommend the setup kit for Red wall detection)


Hikvision G0 23 Turret Series


The new G0 23 turret series has been released to provide a cost effective alternative to the G1 23 series Turret.

Customer’s must consider the install and decide what functionality is crucial before opting for this range.

The G0 doesn’t have Darkfighter Lite technology, whereas the G1 2/3/4MP does. Obviously this function isn’t always required or needed. The budget G0 range still boasts all of the other functions you would expect, i.e; H.265/H.265+, WDR, VCA functions, SD card, etc, which makes the G0 range a very powerful platform, especially when budget is a consideration.

Try it you won’t be disappointed.


Hikvision Wireless Elevator Bridge


Ever wanted to put CCTV into a Lift Cab? Not got any cabling in place? That’s ok! With Hikvision’s latest WiFi link specifically designed to be installed into the lift shaft area, this won’t be an issue.

Simply take the one unit and install this onto the lift car roof, looking up or down into the lift shaft itself. The receiver unit is then installed into the lift shaft in direct line of sight of the cab transmitter unit. You can choose to power these units with either POE or 12VDC, making them very flexible.

Always take a laptop to site with you as the setup is done via a very simple and intuitive web interface taking minutes to complete. The units will then pair and start to communicate allowing anything you have connected across these bridges to talk. This could be IP cameras, communication equipment, safety devices etc.

The units are packed with technology to keep the links stable in this environment, such as Auto ACK timing, unique antenna intelligent rate control and so on. They are also high temperature rated and made from a flame resistant housing making them ideal for harsh environment installation.

Further details can be found on the spec sheet by clicking on the ‘further details’ button. I have included a simple drawing to show typical installation scenario which also links to download the manual.

DS-3WF01C-2N Manual

DS-3WF01C-2N Manual