Agriculture Solution

Like most industries, agriculture is using advances in technology to keep ahead, resulting in dramatic changes. Inevitably, as farming tools get more complex, they become more of a target for thieves. But advances in another type of technology – security alarm systems – can provide a counterbalance to protect the livelihood of farmers.

Another challenge is keeping an eye on a farmer’s more lively assets – the animals. Farmers use the same methods to do this as they have for centuries – mostly relying on subjective and incidental methods such as periodic physical inspections, typically with just a moment per day per animal. This is not only time-consuming and disruptive to a daily routine but could lead to unreliable results with negative outcomes and potential causes for high mortality rates. Technology can help here too, with the ability to monitor the position of animals, feeding, and behaviors to help farmers keep them fit and healthy with less physical checking.





Video technology can be used in various areas of a farm to monitor and manage its operations. Modern farms often have expensive machinery on site – and these are often kept in large, ramshackle barn structures. A Fisheye camera, for example, can be used to monitor a wide area like this. AI technology like AcuSense or DeepinView can detect intruder presence and also eliminate any false alarms caused by moving animals. ColorVu technology can improve visibility, even at night. For remote area on the farm, a Solar-powered Thermal Camera Kit can be used. Finally, anti-corrosion camera models can be used to resist humid environments in animal enclosures.

The farmhouse can benefit from security technologies too, with smart alarm devices like AX PRO allowing farmers to secure their home too – with remote monitoring by mobile app meaning they can always check up, even when in the fields!

Animal Health
Video technology can also be used to help a farmer keep an eye on animals – even without being in the enclosure. Hikvision works with partners like livestock health experts Serket, to offer a livestock monitoring. The Serket solution provides a monitoring and alert system to monitor pigs in a pen continuously, for example, with the aim of detecting abnormalities in behavioral patterns.

The system can provide a 24/7 live stream of animals that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. It can alert farmers with any abnormal behavior (for example, sickness or aggression) found in the pens. It will also save time searching for the right solution by giving suggestive steps to solve the problem.

HikCentral Professional
Hikvision’s security management software for integrating and managing smart video systems. It is designed to meet a variety of video and alarm management challenges on a single platform. The software allows managers to deliver complete business reports and health checks of all connected devices.