Looking for a reliable CCTV installer in your area? You’ve come to the right place! Use the search portal below to find #REALINSTALLERS

Find reliable tradespeople for installing CCTV at your home

Looking for a reliable CCTV installer in your area? You’ve come to the right place! Use the search portal below to find a dependable team to install home CCTV. #REALINSTALLERS

How to find a tradesperson in your area to install home CCTV

If you are looking for a company or someone with the right experience in CCTV installation, we have located the right people for the job. Follow the steps below to find a reliable team to install your home CCTV system for you.

  1. Select the service you require
  2. Type in your postcode into the search portal
  3. Choose from the list of tradespeople who are available to install your CCTV for you
  4. Use the contact details listed to get in touch and arrange for your home CCTV system to be installed.

Why trust tradespeople who are listed with DVS company to install your security camera?

At DVS, you can be confident that the tradespeople we have recommended are of a high calibre. We have partnered with the best tradespeople and businesses who are experts at installing CCTV in your home and businesses. Each tradesperson is vetted and verified to guarantee a high-quality service.

Most common questions about installing CCTV

Do you have a question about installing CCTV at your home or business? We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding security solutions below.

How much does it cost to install CCTV?

The cost to install the home CCTV system depends on the level of equipment and the tradesperson who’s installing it for you. The cost of installing CCTV is determined by the system, type of home security camera, how many cameras need fitting, the wiring and types of monitor. For professional installation, use the search function to find reliable CCTV installers in your area at a competitive price.

How to install CCTV on business premises?

If you are installing CCTV on your business premises, you should make sure they are installed properly to not only safeguard your property and staff, but also to ensure that they comply with the rules and regulations for installing CCTV in your workplace. Use the search portal to find a reputable and reliable tradesperson who can install your CCTV and ensure that it is compliant.

What is the best CCTV system for business?

As a reputable multi-brand distributor of electronic surveillance products, we can recommend and advise on the best and most suitable security cameras for your business. Contact us for more information.

Is CCTV allowed in the workplace?

CCTV is a legal way to monitor staff in the workplace. However, you should make your staff aware that CCTV is installed in the workplace and that they are under surveillance. There are also certain rules for installing CCTV in the workplace, such as where you’re allowed to install them. Our tradespeople understand the rules and regulations for installing CCTV for businesses and can advise on best practice.

Is it worth installing CCTV at home?

There are many benefits to installing a CCTV home security system. Installing CCTV at your home helps to identify criminals, warn burglars off from breaking in and limit the risk of anti-social behaviour near your property. A home security camera also gives you peace of mind that your house and family are protected from the risk of intrusion.

Can I install my own home CCTV system?

We recommend leaving it to the experts to install your CCTV. While you can install home security cameras yourself, it’s always worthwhile getting a reliable security company or tradesperson to install your home CCTV for you so you can be confident that it’s installed properly, and to a high standard. Search for a reliable and professional tradesperson to install your home CCTV using our search bar.

What is required to install home security cameras?

If you are considering installing a CCTV system at your home, it’s important to consider how it will affect others. Make sure that you let your neighbours know that you are installing the home security cameras and that they are positioned appropriately to avoid intrusion.

A home CCTV system will be based around a DVR or digital video recorder. Generally, you will need tools to install CCTV around your home, including screws, cables, power adapters, etc. However, it’s worthwhile getting CCTV installers to fit your system for you, as this will save you time and ensure you have it set up correctly, so you don’t infringe on your neighbours’ privacy!

Do I need permission to install home CCTV?

You don’t require permission to install home CCTV unless your property is listed or a rented property, which means you will need listed building consent or permission from the building owner.

How do you set up a CCTV system?

The easiest and efficient way to set up CCTV is to find a local tradesperson in your area to install it for you. Find a reliable tradesperson by using our postcode finder. We will help you to find a professional team that’s experienced and qualified in installing CCTV at your home or business at a competitive price.

About DVS security cameras

We have unrivalled expertise in delivering vision to the UK electronic surveillance industry and distributing some of the most prestigious products. DVS is one of Europe’s most successful multi-brand distributors of electronic surveillance products and Europe’s largest Hikvision distributor in the trade industry. Contact us for more information if you are representing a business.