10th January 2020
£250,000 Warehouse Development!


2020 Vision: Our Focus, you

Throughout December, we invested over £250,000 into improving our warehouse processes, capacity and picking procedures.  With Stock levels being at the forefront of investment, we have added seven new high rise racking units which has increased our stocking levels greatly.  There has also been an upgrade to our bar code scanning system, which will speed up internal processes.

The improvements have come off the back of recommendations from customer feedback, and is one of other recommendations we are taking on board to improve our user experience – which highlights our 2020 Vision, you!

Also, in a promise to reduce our commercial waste, we will be rolling out a number of phases to reduce our waste and encourage others to reuse/recycle our packaging.

Currently, we are only using recyclable / reusable packing in all of our orders and cutting down on our single use plastic. More to follow.


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