28th February 2018
Introducing our New partner, Ciqurix – Fire Detection

DVS are proud to be partnered with Ciqurix to bring you revolutionary fire detection technology.


FCamX is a revolutionary new safety technology that combines innovative fire detection and surveillance in one IP based system, allowing it to reliably recognise multiple semi-concealed fires in under 12 seconds. FCamX can detect flame both outdoors and indoors at up to 180 metres, in all environments, weather conditions and light levels, including complete darkness, making previously unprotectable areas safe and secure.



FCam’s™ revolutionary technology in a smaller package. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, FCamSolo™ provides a high-quality security camera, combined with the revolutionary dual-sensor IR technology that make the FCam series the most reliable and accurate fire detection solution in the world.

For more information, please call 02920 455 512.