Telescopic Mast is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of steel mobile security boxes with built-in Telescopic Masts which are widely used in construction site security, transport, infrastructure, energy, utilities, perimeter protection and event security.

The masts extend to heights of 6 metres and are ideal for temporary installations that require fast deployment and secure protection for your electronic equipment. Masts can be personalised with your company branding and can be bought or rented with manual and electric winches in the UK and Europe through our network of dealers.

What We Offer


The MSB6-Basic is fully constructed using galvanised steel which makes it vandalism proof. The MSB6-Basic has two lockable doors to store the equipment and four stabilisers, and is equipped with an extendable telescopic mast up to 6 metres.


The MSB6-Premium is fully constructed using galvanised steel which makes it vandalism proof. The MSB6-P has two access doors and a vandalism proof top cover to ensure the electronic equipment is protected. It is equipped with a manual winch to raise the camera and floodlight mounting to a height of 6 metres.


The electric winch operated version of the MSB6-P is easy to transport and has got extendable stabilizers to ensure stability in high winds. It has two lockable opposite doors and a top cover to store electronic equipment safely and is extendable up to 6 metres.


Transport any of our Mobile Security Boxes with this specially designed trailer. We have made the design such that a truck or crane is not needed for loading and unloading.

Due to the low centre of gravity of the load, driving is easy.