17th January 2020




A Knowledge sharing process aimed at potential purchasers’ customers and existing users for training or updates, and for partners who may have complementary technologies.
Pre-sale: to enable customers to see key features in action, or learn about how the product will benefit them.
Product evaluation: customers can be shown how to get the most out of an evaluation version of a product, and make sure it is correctly installed and deployed.
When the product is already in use: to help customers get the most out of the product, uncover key features and ensure that they know how to use it to its full potential
When an update or upgrade is launched: to unveil new features, user interfaces and functions and ensure that they are fully understood by existing users.

Less than an hour out of a working day to access the most up to date information on a piece of technology, and do so via a platform which suits the user and enables direct engagement. If you happen to miss a webinar you have registered for, there will be a recorded version available for download. This allows the would-be viewer to watch it in their own time.

Up to date information
The most popular communication tool used in webinars is the Q & A session, which will feature at the end of TechTalks. Unlike any other format – brochure, website, instructional videos – the information contained in a webinar is being presented live or “as live”. If you don’t find out what you intend to, you can ask. If some of the information provided raises questions about the way you’re using the product, you can ask. If the question doesn’t occur to you, there’s every chance another attendee will ask.

The interactive nature of a webinar means that it is responsive in its own right.  The information gathered from each webinar in the form of a direct survey will be used to inform people in the next webinar and gauge the needs and requirements of the audience. By attending webinars, you’ll be in the company of others whose requirements reflect your own, and who have similar motivations.

By definition, the webinar is being followed by a selection of people in a similar position to you, using similar products. The chance to hear them share their insight represents a huge networking and information gathering opportunity that can be accessed from the comfort and convenience of your own desk.


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