Stevie Smart Chargers, Powering your Journey!





New, Innovative, Patent Registered, Space Saving, In-Wall and On-Wall, Customised Charger Points with Quick and Easy Installation

Introducing Stevie, the new British design EV charger with patent-pending recessed, surface-mounted, socket or tethered (corded) installation options. Developed with a modern, minimalistic focus, enabling rapid installation. Its unique sleek recessed design means it does not encroach on precious real estate.

The Stevie® Charge Point offers new home developers a stylish and compact new EV charging solution which effectively gives the developers land back with its low profile. Carefully selected coloured fascias ensure the Stevie® Charge Point is a subtle new feature on all new homes, while also helping developers meet The Electric Vehicles Smart Charge Point regulations and future-proof their new builds.




Choose Your Mounting Method

As part of the planning requirements now in force within the UK, the patent-pending recessed design ensures that the charge point only protrudes 52mm from the wall of any home and only takes the space of 3 standard house bricks. Making the charge point a subtle new feature on all new homes, while also helping developers meet regulations and future-proof new builds.