Chance to Win £100 Amazon Voucher!

To celebrate Zuma’s launch at DVS, when you purchase any Zuma unit in December or January, you have the chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher!

Zuma seamlessly blends light and sound, merging LED light with a speaker in the compact Lumosonic. The Zuma WiFi Tuneable 6W Luminaire, offering 1000 shades, redefines ambiance when paired together.

Zuma’s simplicity and the Zuma Blade System™ ensure easy, cost-effective installation for smart living, whether as a new addition or retrofitting.

Amazon Voucher T&C’s

• Orders will be valid from 1st December – 31st January 2024.

• This is limited to one entry per company. Once a Zuma unit has been purchased the company will automatically be entered into the draw, multiple Zuma spends will not equate to multiple entries.

• 1x £100 Amazon voucher prize is available.

• The competition is only available to Businesses operating in the UK and where the registered office is located in the UK.

• Qualifying customers will automatically be entered into the February draw. One winner will be chosen at random.

• The voucher will be released to winning customer only after all qualifying invoices are paid and there are no overdue balances.


Zuma – Where Light and Sound Unite!

In a space where innovation meets elegance in the realm of smart living, Zuma invites you to step into a world where light and music effortlessly synchronize, defining a harmonious living experience.

Lumosonic: A Symphony of Light and Sound: Explore Lumosonic, a technological marvel that seamlessly merges LED light with a speaker, creating a symphony of both light and sound. This innovative device pairs seamlessly with Luminaire, offering 1000 shades of WiFi Tuneable light. Together, they transform spaces into personalized sanctuaries of illumination and melody.

Luminaire: Transforming Spaces with 1000 Shades: Dive into the ambient glow of Luminaire, Zuma’s cutting-edge creation offering 1000 shades of WiFi Tuneable light. This sophisticated lighting solution pairs seamlessly with Lumosonic, creating an unparalleled blend of light and sound. Experience the transformation as your spaces become personalized sanctuaries of illumination and melody.

Seamless Integration and Simplicity: At Zuma, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Their products, including Lumosonic and Luminaire, seamlessly integrate into homes, whether as a new addition or retrofitting into existing fittings. The revolutionary Zuma Blade System™ ensures a hassle-free installation process, saving precious time and costs.

The Future of Smart Living with Zuma: Welcome to the future of smart living, where Zuma, with its range of innovative products, redefines the way spaces experience light and sound. Explore their collection and elevate living spaces with Zuma’s cutting-edge technology.