Since its inception in 1993, Haydon has successfully forged a formidable reputation as a leading entity in the realm of CCTV-related products and accessories, catering primarily to the security wholesale sector.

With its extensive experience and expertise, gained through years of operating in this dynamic industry, Haydon has garnered an in-depth understanding of its customers’ unique requirements, enabling it to consistently deliver superior, high-quality products and innovative solutions at competitive and affordable prices.

By meticulously maintaining a robust inventory, it ensures that its valued clientele benefit from swift and efficient delivery services, reducing downtime and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Committed to growth and progress, Haydon remains steadfast in its dedication to learning and evolving within the ever-evolving security market.

It continually strives to stay abreast of the latest advancements and breakthroughs in the security field, ensuring that its diverse product portfolio remains attuned to the cutting-edge developments, both present and forthcoming.

This steadfast commitment to remaining current and forward-thinking empowers Haydon to provide customers with state-of-the-art solutions and an uninterrupted supply chain that caters to the demands of today while anticipating the needs of tomorrow.



Sit Back & Relax – Let Haydon Power Your Install!

Haydon’s NEW 12-24V PSU Range

Transform your CCTV installation routine with Haydon’s latest 12-24V power supply units, now available at DVS. Designed for stress-free setup, Haydon power supplies allow you to sit back and (basically) relax on-site. With robust reliability and seamless compatibility with Hikvision cameras, including PTZ, Bullet, and Turret models, Haydon products make installations easier than ever.

Why Choose Haydon?

  • Versatile Voltage: Switch between 12V and 24V DC effortlessly.
  • Multiple Power Options: 8/4 amp and 4/2 amp modules available.
  • 8-Way Fire Interface Fuse Board: Exclusive to the HAY-PSU12/24V8/4A-SW model.
  • Tamper Protection: Front and rear tamper alerts.
  • Battery Backup Ready: Fits 2 x 7amp batteries (not included).
  • Compact Design**: Enclosure size W365 x H330 x D85mm.
  • Designed with Engineers in mind!