Sensurity perimeter security for solar farm

Perimeter Security for Solar Farm

One of the solar farms of COGIP Power, a Sicilian world leader in large public works, general contracting and renewable energy was in need of a robust perimeter security solution capable of providing reliable detection in unstable ground conditions and to be remotely operated. Both VIGIL and HALO proved to deliver intelligent detection while providing the COGIP group with a more reliable perimeter security solution.

The problem

The COGIP Power solar farm experienced broken links in its existing fencing solution as a result of the impact on ground conditions of heavy rainfall and regular flooding in the region. Therefore intruders were able to easily breach the perimeter by crawling under or climbing over the fence. In addition, alarms from the existing perimeter security systems required a response from the guarding company more than 40 minutes’ drive away.

solar farm sicily

Project needs

The required solution was a perimeter intrusion detection system capable of detecting intrusions while being able to continuously self-calibrate to accommodate the changes in ground condition and growing grass. Moreover, the solution was to cover the entire perimeter of the solar farm and be remotely monitored via GPS.

The solution

By visiting the site and discussing the client’s specific needs with one of our Italian distribution partners Decibel, 6 VIGIL and 5 HALO Microwave Intrusion Detection Systems were installed to best meet the client’s needs. Each pair of units is capable of providing detection for a “virtual wall” of 200 meters in length and up to 10 metres in height where it is capable of differentiating intrusions and self-calibration under changing environmental circumstances. Besides, when an alarm occurs the system triggers a relay that would notify the security control panel.

The result

As a result, the client was more than satisfied with a working solution that would eradicate the problems it had with its existing security system installed on the fence line. The client is assured of 24/7 protection of its property where no intruder is able to hack, break or penetrate the microwave “virtual wall” or the other detection technologies employed in the Sensurity solution.

Solar farm perimeter security installation