Super Rod

DVS x Super Rod #REALINSTALLERS Kit, Custom kit with tools required for installing CCTV, including: 2 x Black Rod  6mm/1000m rod (CR-BX), 4 x Red Rod  5mm/1000m rods (CR-RX), 4 x Yellow Rod 4mm/1000m rods (CR-YX), 2 x Nylon Rod 1000mm (CR-NX), Glo Swivel (CRSW), Flexi-lead (175mm) (FL175-5), Domed Bullet (CRDB1.0), Flat Bullet (CRFB1.0), Magnetic Bullet (CRMB1.0), Spike Bullet (CRSPB1.0), Chain and Magnet  (CRCM) , SuperGrips 11-15mm (CRSK-1115), SuperGrips 4-6mm (CRSK-0406), Glo Glider (SRGLIDER-P), SuperRod x #REALINSTALLERS Carry Case (SR-BAG), SRQD10 Quick Drill 10mm x 400mm (SRQD10).

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