NX Witness VMS – now at DVS!

Discover NX Witness VMS – the future of surveillance management. Lightning-fast, cross-platform IP video management system (VMS) / video surveillance software. Monitor, analyze, and react to critical events in real-time with unparalleled efficiency.


Advantages of Nx Witness VMS:


How Nx Witness Works & Camera Compatibility:

Nx Witness offers a versatile solution across Cloud, Desktop, Mobile, and Browser applications, enabling seamless connectivity and management of IP cameras from any location, at any time.

One of Nx Witness’s key strengths lies in its automatic detection of thousands of IP cameras from hundreds of manufacturers. Equipped with advanced features like PTZ control, in-camera analytics, universal fisheye dewarping, and comprehensive audio and I/O support, Nx Witness ensures effortless integration with your preferred camera vendor, delivering a customized surveillance solution tailored to your requirements.


New in v5.1:

Simplify your surveillance infrastructure with NX Witness VMS – monitor security devices and systems in one place, available through DVS.