23rd January 2018

Sensurity’s HALO system brings a new level of intelligence to Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS).

HALO is a one-box dual technology system, combining state of the art digital microwave technology and robust active IR detection. Advanced signal analytics increase detection rates to offer the lowest false alarm rate in its class.

The Alert Zone can be up to 200m in length, 12m in height and as narrow as 1m in width at optimal deployment.


HALO continuously analyses transmitted microwave signals using a variety of adaptive Digital Signalling Processing (DSP) techniques that reduce nuisance alarms, narrow the Active alarm zone and adapt to environmental changes.

On installation the system examines the environment and continuously self-calibrates to account for factors such as standing water, foliage, vegetation or weather conditions.

By continuously monitoring the signal any subsequent changes caused by rain, snow, and other weather conditions are considered and the system adapts to provide constant vigilance.


HALO offers the lowest cost of system installation in its class, requiring the smallest deployed footprint and minimal maintenance.

To provide 100% coverage, competing systems advise that sensor beams should be overlapped. This creates a large installation footprint and can double the amount of mounting and cabling materials required.

HALO solves this problem.

Each HALO node contains its own blind spot coverage, which uses active Infra-Red (IR) sensors to provide detection coverage up to 2.5m from each sensor.

This means that HALO nodes can be installed back to back requiring only 1 mounting pole per 2 nodes, reducing the costs for installation, the time required for setup and the install footprint.


Halo systems can provide full upper and lower dead zone detection coverage, protecting the vulnerable flanks of the microwave beam with IR beams