How to transmit IP over coax cable?

Highwire – VHW-HW

This box allows you to transfer IP signal over existing coax cable. Eliminating the need to replace coax with Ethernet.

In short: Turn an old legacy install with coax cable into a future proof IP network.

Highwire Longstar – VLS-1N-LC / VLS-1P-BC & VLS-1P-CC

Use Highwire Longstar to transfer IP signal over existing coax cable up to 800m. The VLS-1N-LC is 12v powered only whereas the VLS-1P-BC & VLS-1P-CC pair are optional POE.

Why does this cut installation costs:

• Uses legacy analogue video cabling
• No IP address or other setup required
• Supports mega-pixel cameras
• Supports any network device – fully transparent 100Base-T Ethernet
• Fast install – less time on site
• Full-speed over 300m (1000ft) of RG-59
• Compact – fits inside camera housings
• Flexible low voltage input – can use old camera supply
• Rack-mount option for control room end

“This product saves you a lot of time and therefore reduces your labout costs. It's also far less disruptive for your customers as you won't need to rip out old wires which is timely and messy!”

Dave Davies