2nd September 2020



Your latest DVS Pricelist is available to download now!


Log into the DVS website, navigate to the account section and click ‘Download Price List’.

In this release we have included some very exciting new partners:

  • EZVIZ has been added to the new Smart Home segment. Expect this brand to grow over coming months.
  • Radwin is a new Wireless transmission partner with a focus on high end capability and build quality and really enhances our wireless options.
  • Sensivic is an AI driven Audio Surveillance solution that uses sound as a detection for a number applications including safe/vault protection and crowd control.
  • TP-Link has been brought in to strengthen our networking proposition and also support our entrance into the Smart Home market.
  • Vosker is a Rapid Deployment, all in one Battery/Solar 4G Camera for use where you do not have the ability to provide power etc.

On top of the new partner releases, we have numerous new products that you can find on the New Products tab. These are as follows:

    • Hikvision’s full AX Pro Intruder System released which is very exciting!
    • AccuSense Gen2 cameras with better algorithm and performance in many form factors.
    • New ColorVu form factors and cameras.
    • iDS cameras with multi selectable VCA functions in different form factors and resolutions.
    • K Series NVRs with 4G capability built-in giving network connectivity where ever you install the unit.
    • iDS-96 NVR with multi Behaviour Analysis functions built-in.
    • Deep In Mind Network Video Server (NVS) with multiple VCA functions.
    • Full range of PoE Monitors so you don’t have to install mains to run the monitor making the install cheaper and easier.
    • Hikvision’s Digital Signage solutions.
    • Access Control parts along with the new Face Rec Terminal.
    • IP Horn Speaker from Hikvision.
    • High-end Networked Keyboard.