21st February 2020


COLDSTORE with Embedded Nx Witness VMS

This brand-new product brings together two well-established and market-leading systems into one highly cost-effective and powerful video surveillance recording solution. The advanced Nx Witness video management system software is embedded within a COLDSTORE storage array, with all the benefits and advantages of COLDSTORE technology.

This integrated and seamless product offers:

• Combined 2U server and storage array, with pre-configured VMS
• Recording of up to 64 full HD IP cameras at 30fps with on-board VMD
• Eight disk bays with up to 128TB storage capacity
• Incorporates COLDSTORE S.F.S. and L.A.I.D. technology
• High performance Nx Witness VMS from Veracity partner Network Optix
• No recurring licence fees and free software upgrades



COLDSTORE is Veracity’s award-winning sequential storage system, designed from the ground up for recording video surveillance data. The unique Sequential Filing System (SFS) and Linear Array of Idle Disks (LAID) provide extreme disk reliability, very low power consumption and low total cost of ownership.



Veracity’s new COLDSTORE 2U NX with Embedded Nx Witness VMS



What is NX Witness VMS?

Nx Witness is an advanced video management system software solution which is rapidly increasing in popularity and recognition due to its ease of use, excellent user interface, speed, full feature set and scalability – all this without recurring licence fees ! Nx Witness is designed to find, view, record and manage IP video cameras in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner. Free software upgrades are another key feature of this amazing software package.

View Nx Witness overview video: