The benefits of webeyeCMS cloud automation

It is a versatile cloud based monitoring solution that enables alarms and video clips to go to keyholders/manned guarding teams out in the field and/or to a central location for monitoring via a web browser (with no up-front hardware costs).

It is an intelligent system that is robust enough to perform the function of a monitoring station because of the way we’ve automated the alarm receipt, handling and alerting process.

The patented escalation process delivers alarms directly to the stakeholder avoiding costly false alarms and, because of our extensive development we can justifiably claim to be the most effective cloud delivery solution on the market, as evidenced by our many industry awards.


webeyeCMS can be a powerful management tool to enhance safety and improve your competitiveness

Whether you’re a CEO of a large multi-national corporation or a security guard out in the field the features within webeyeCMS enables you to work safer, smarter and more efficiently.

The platform is designed around a hierarchy management structure which can be tailored around your business needs so you’ll never miss an alarm notification.


Monitor your security from wherever you are

webeyeCMS is a cloud service so all of the platform software sits on our secure cloud infrastructure. All the user needs is a computer or smart phone connected to the Internet.

The 24/7 managed environment is a pay as you go service that charges only when an alarm system is commissioned. Whether you have one site or thousands, webeyeCMS can deliver your alarms to you reliably and promptly.

  • The user can remotely control the alarm system (if applicable).
  • Video’s can easily be viewed.
  • Videos and other events are listed in date/time order.