The world’s first battery-less biometric card

Elevate your security measures with S-Key, the revolutionary fingerprint activated biometric access control cards. Connect access to a person’s unique fingerprint and eliminate the risks of lost or stolen cards without additional infrastructure costs. S-Key ensures unparalleled security by removing the threat of person not present access fraud. Upgrade your access control system today and experience seamless NFC integration, improved security, and effortless scalability, while protecting user privacy and ensuring GDPR compliance.

S-Key offers a simple three-step process: tap your card on the reader, hold your finger on the fingerprint sensor for authentication, and enjoy access based on individual privileges. With S-Key, your existing NFC readers can be utilized, providing quick adoption with no additional infrastructure costs. This hygienic, contactless technology is available in NXP MIFARE or LEGIC versions, guaranteeing privacy as biometric data never leaves the card.