Welcome to the next generation of lone worker protection

The working environment is changing. Pick Protection is committed to enabling safety through technology with their ground breaking lone worker protection products.

With over 60 years of collective experience in the security industry, Pick Protection’s innovative approach to employee safety changes the way organisations protect their staff. Safety solutions shouldn’t be limited by technology or budgets; the highly configurable systems provide cost effective solutions so every organisation can provide the highest quality protection to their staff.



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PG Smart

This Android or iOS lone worker App allows the end user to raise SOS alarms, leave pre-alert messages, check in and check out, and note timed activities that, should they overrun, will be escalated to an SOS event as per the predefined escalation of the user.


  • BS 8484 accredited
  • SOS Alarm
  • Time at Risk
  • Pre-alert
  • Tracking (optional)
  • SOS Bluetooth trigger available

PG Click

Our PG Smart App can be paired with a PG Click lone worker device which allows for easy activation of an SOS alarm. The employee can attach the SOS button to their lanyard, keys or clothing then simply double click to activate the SOS alarm.


  • Activation of SOS alarm
  • The PG Click can be paired with the PG Smart app to allow easy activation of the SOS alarm.
  • The PG Click has a minimum battery life of 12 months, so no need for charging.

PG Pebble

This standalone device is ideal where employees do not have a Smartphone or if a dedicated lone worker device is required. Fitted with a roaming SIM card, the PG Pebble can provide better connectivity in some areas.


  • SOS Alarm
  • Pre-alert Voice Message
  • Man Down / Tilt switch

PG Cloud

Our PG Cloud customer portal comes free with any solution and enables user-management, reporting and real time viewing of lone worker activity.


  • Simple user management
  • Real time insights
  • Comprehensive reports